Extreme Cake Makers TV Clips

Clips from Extreme Cake Makers TV Programme by Channel 4 featuring Michelle Wibowo.

Baby Gorilla 1st Birthday Cake

Michelle helps celebrate a baby gorilla's first birthday at the Chessington Zoo

Architecture Model Cake of Winton Place

A realistic edible scale model of the Brighton Architect final project, Winton Place

Steam Train Cake

A giant train cake for Haywards Heath 175th Anniversary of the arrival of the Railway in Sussex.

Rotating Globe Cake

Michelle created a rotating globe cake for 45th Anniversary of Lonely Planet

Projection Mapping Cake

Michelle created a high-tech cake for Claromentis to celebrate its 20th Anniversary.

Wedding Dress Illusion Cake

Michelle attempts a wedding dress illusion cake for a shop window in Lindfield, West Sussex.

Hologram Trampoline Cake

Michelle puts eight-year-old Aidan on a holographic trampoline birthday cake

Flight Simulator Cake

Sugar artist Michelle proves her imagination knows no bounds by creating a high-tech cake for a flight simulator company.

Jelly Fish Cake

Michelle tackles three illuminated jellyfish cakes for Worthing's celebration The Tide of Light.

Portrait Painting Cake

An incredible portrait cake painting made out of sponge cake for a birthday party celebration in Mayfair London.

Wizard Of Oz Mural Cake

For one lucky little birthday girl, Extreme Cake Maker Michelle Wibowo is creating a five foot edible Wizard of Oz mural out of Genoese sponge and covered in painted icing and sweets.

Koala Birthday Cake

Michelle works animal magic with a life-sized Koala cake

Baby Shower Cake

Creates a glamours baby shower cake based on Vanilla Sponge, Fondant and hand-crafted mirror mosaic pieces.

Spiral Anniversary Cake

Michelle created a spiral cake to celebrate 500th years Anniversary of Royal College of Physicians in London.

Book Cake

Michelle is making a Pop Up Book Cake replica of Children's Law for Bloomsbury Publishing UK

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