Showstopper Wedding Cakes Book


When I was a teenager I loved painting, sculpting and baking, so I was delighted to realise that I could combine all these skills to create edible art.


Most people imagine a wedding cake to be either round or square and decorated with flowers or fruit, however, I see cake as an art form – just as a painter sees a blank canvas or a sculptor sees a block of clay. I can express myself through an edible work of art and I hope to be able inspire others to look at food in a more creative way.


Showstopper Wedding Cakes Book Content


I have carefully selected the projects in this book to cover a wide variety of different skills, such as cake carving, sugar modelling, texturing and airbrushing. From the initial design through to the finishing touches, I hope to guide you through all the steps for creating a 3D cake sculpture, sharing my tips and tricks along the way.

This book gives me a great opportunity to share the techniques I have learnt over the years, from starting out as a complete beginner in cake decorating to becoming a professional sugar artist.

Hopefully I can inspire you to explore your own creativity and give you the confidence to create unique cake sculptures from your own kitchen.


Michelle Wibowo

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Released: 7 November 2014

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